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    Molecular Formula:C5H8
    CAS No.:[115-19-5] 
    Molecular Weight:84.12 
    Appearance:Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid. 

    Properties:Transparent and volatile liquid with special stimulus odor.Soluble in water,benzene,ether and trichloromethane.Mp:2.6°C,Bp:103.6°C,Fp:25°C,d204:0.8672,n20D:1.4209.It is flammable. 

    Usage:Used as intermediate in the preparation of medicine and pesticides as well as terpenes perfume,also used as acid-corrosion inhibitor,viscosity stabilizer,viscosity reductant,stabilizer of hydrocarbon chloride,and lustering agent for nickel plating or copper plating. 


    Methylbutynol 98%min.
    Moisture 0.5%max.

    Packing:Packed with selfsealed iron barrel,160Kg/barrel. 

    Storage and Conveying:It should be stored under ventilating,drying,fire-proof,explosionproof and selfsealed conditions,Strong striking,sunshine and rain should be avoided.

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